Photo Booths: To be or not to be…



Are you weighing the pros and cons of a photo booth at your event or wedding?

I say there are a few times when a photo booth may not fit into your special day. If you are running away and having a destination wedding, if you are having a small intimate wedding with a few close friends and family but even then, a photo booth could be a yes.

  • The question remains do you want you and your guest to have a ton of fun and fun photos to remember your special day and something to take away that they will actually keep.  Photo booths are more than a novelty item; photo booths company and the attendant professional and insured?

Although some details should not go amiss, such as professionalism and quality, photo booths provide an additional source of entertainment outside of the dance floor for all age groups and a great gift for your guest to remember your special day!

allow your guest to continue having fun but take a quick break from the dance floor. They also make an awesome take away from your special day that your guest will enjoy, display and share for years to come.  More than something to take home, you get an actual tangible picture that you can hold in your hands, touch, and such a rarity in times of digital media.

I have yet to be at an event where the photo booth was not a hit. Every event without fail, guests let us know that the photo booth is a great idea.

Some considerations to help select a photo booth for your event:

  • SIZE: does matter!  How much space will the set up require or rather (take up)?
  • Props:  Are props provided, are the props fun and will they have enough variety.
  • Functionality: Do the pictures print on site within 20 seconds?
  • Design: Is the photo booth an enclosed unit, or is it just an open backdrop with a storage bin of props?
  • Camera: Is there a photographer taking pictures or a touch screen with an automated camera?
  • Options:  Double and triple prints?
  • Share ability: the ability to share individual pictures or the entire album on Facebook with online access to all photo booth pictures with password protection.
  • Customization:  Are options available for customized boarders or custom templates with your engagement photo, business logo or slogan?
  • Unlimited Prints with sufficient overage time of at least 3 to 4 hours.
  • Photo Booth attendant/ manager:  Is there an attendant there ensuring that your guest are having a great time, guiding guest to your scrapbook and assisting  in mindful placement of the pictures in your memory book, and ensuring proper maintenance of the equipment?
  • Professionalism: Are the company and the attendant professional and insured?

Word to the wise, don’t choose a thrown together photo booth because it is cheep when quality at a reasonable rate is available, but above all, take lots of pictures, have lots of fun, and let your special day standout and be remembered!

Thinking of adding some extra fun to your wedding or special event, book a photo booth for memories that last a lifetime!



Mother Daughter Dance



Mother Daughter Dance:

Say what?

In the era of today’s brides and really from the beginning of time, Mothers have been the primary influence in the majority of our lives. From single-moms, stay at home moms, and all those in between put all their heart, energy and free time to the benefit their children. Then come around to their daughter’s wedding day and only Dad gets a special dance and recognition. It is time to turn a new a new leaf. We’re not saying to leave Dad out, we love him too! We’re just saying it’s time to give Mom a little more credit. Check out our thoughts for how to let Mom know just how much you appreciate her.

5 Ways to Recognize:

  • Mother Daughter Dance- Why not, she’s probably the one who showed you how to dance in the first place. I did this with my mom and now she calls me every time she hears our song.
  • Did your mom miss her opportunity for a special moment on her special day, such as, the cake cutting or first dance? Well not, give her the chance on your day to have her moment.
  • Rose Ceremony where the bride and groom both give their mothers a rose to say thank you, can also be substituted with a gift of your choice.
  • Don’t forget to include Mom in your thank you speech at the reception.
  • Water Ceremony: What ‘s that you say? Tune into Gobo next week and we’ll tell you all about it.

Make or Break: Is the caliber of your DJ a deciding factor?


DJ come is all forms shapes and sizes from the bottom of the barrel, antisocial, non-technical basement DJ to Premium Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey. The questions remains, what kind of DJ do you want for your wedding or special event? How do you know the DJ you booked will show up, be on time, professional, and knowledgeable about the important elements of your event to ensure your special day is a hit?

Anyone can be a DJ, is this true? Sure, anyone can hook up an iPod and call it good. IPod DJs in general create a playlist, hit play all and call it good. Sure, you can do that; but first ask yourself this do you want the DJ be professional, keep the dance floor going, interact with you and your guest and guide your guest’s attention to the important events, such as the cake cutting or garter toss?

In order to make your wedding and reception standout you want a DJ who understands the ins and outs of weddings (not an easy task). The DJ may in fact be the most important element to ensure your event rocks. Your music makes the event!

Let’s re-itemize the important factors of a wedding DJ.

1.       Personable: Make sure your entertainer is an MC as well as a DJ.

2.      Appearance: Not only is the DJs appearance important, but more importantly how he or she presents the celebrities of the event the celebrities of which are for example, the bride and groom. Keep in mind the entertainer presents the mood both audibly and visually for how your guests see you on your special day. The most beautiful cake or elaborate décor can be diminished by the performance of your entertainer.

3.      Music: Last and certainly not least is the significance of your music. This is not the DJs show at a club downtown, playing only what he likes in an attempt to make himself famous. Your special day should be all about you, what you love, has meaning to you and gets your guest out of their seats.

Your DJ can make or break your big day! Choose wisely, as a client once told us: “Flowers are nice, food is a must, you get the wrong DJ, and your wedding is a bust. Thank you for being the perfect DJ.”




A Romantic Last Dance

A few years ago….


I perform over a hundred events a year personally and many of them wedding receptions.  Performing events myself gives me a perspective to improve anywhere possible and pass the knowledge and ideas to my other entertainers.  Many of these ideas are seasonal or just right for the times and change as time passes. Ideas such as: Newlywed Games, Wedding Libs, or the all too fun Walla-Balla Game come and go.  One idea, or should I say experience has held firm, and that is our Romantic Last Dance.

It all started after a fantastic wedding ceremony, fabulous reception with dancing, cake and all the guests celebrating with the couple, the bride just wasn’t ready to leave.  All of the guests were waiting outside ready for the Bride and Groom’s big sendoff with sparklers in hand.  The event center was in full decoration and the lighting was just right.  The only remaining people were staff, the photographer and our couple.  The bride asked if I could play one more song before they left, so I chose a sweet soft song, dimmed the lights and started the song.  

Noticing the romantic nature of the surroundings, I quietly pulled the staff out of the venue and left this very sweet couple to dance a romantic dance to close out their very special day.  Their last dance allowed the two to deeply breathe in the entirety of this day without distraction or interruption.  Three minutes of alone time, together in the place they chose to commit to one another with all the lights, candles, aroma and decor.  

When the song ended, they dried their eyes and both said that is exactly what they needed to wrap up this very special day.  And with all the emotion and excitement rushing through them, they ran out the door and through the raised sparklers to the limo.  

After seeing how powerful that special moment was to those two, I encourage all my clients to consider a Romantic Last Dance.  One romantic last dance to wrap up the most precious day a couple can have.


Mark Truss

Gobo Entertainment