Make or Break: Is the caliber of your DJ a deciding factor?


DJ come is all forms shapes and sizes from the bottom of the barrel, antisocial, non-technical basement DJ to Premium Master of Ceremonies and Disc Jockey. The questions remains, what kind of DJ do you want for your wedding or special event? How do you know the DJ you booked will show up, be on time, professional, and knowledgeable about the important elements of your event to ensure your special day is a hit?

Anyone can be a DJ, is this true? Sure, anyone can hook up an iPod and call it good. IPod DJs in general create a playlist, hit play all and call it good. Sure, you can do that; but first ask yourself this do you want the DJ be professional, keep the dance floor going, interact with you and your guest and guide your guest’s attention to the important events, such as the cake cutting or garter toss?

In order to make your wedding and reception standout you want a DJ who understands the ins and outs of weddings (not an easy task). The DJ may in fact be the most important element to ensure your event rocks. Your music makes the event!

Let’s re-itemize the important factors of a wedding DJ.

1.       Personable: Make sure your entertainer is an MC as well as a DJ.

2.      Appearance: Not only is the DJs appearance important, but more importantly how he or she presents the celebrities of the event the celebrities of which are for example, the bride and groom. Keep in mind the entertainer presents the mood both audibly and visually for how your guests see you on your special day. The most beautiful cake or elaborate décor can be diminished by the performance of your entertainer.

3.      Music: Last and certainly not least is the significance of your music. This is not the DJs show at a club downtown, playing only what he likes in an attempt to make himself famous. Your special day should be all about you, what you love, has meaning to you and gets your guest out of their seats.

Your DJ can make or break your big day! Choose wisely, as a client once told us: “Flowers are nice, food is a must, you get the wrong DJ, and your wedding is a bust. Thank you for being the perfect DJ.”





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