A Romantic Last Dance

A few years ago….


I perform over a hundred events a year personally and many of them wedding receptions.  Performing events myself gives me a perspective to improve anywhere possible and pass the knowledge and ideas to my other entertainers.  Many of these ideas are seasonal or just right for the times and change as time passes. Ideas such as: Newlywed Games, Wedding Libs, or the all too fun Walla-Balla Game come and go.  One idea, or should I say experience has held firm, and that is our Romantic Last Dance.

It all started after a fantastic wedding ceremony, fabulous reception with dancing, cake and all the guests celebrating with the couple, the bride just wasn’t ready to leave.  All of the guests were waiting outside ready for the Bride and Groom’s big sendoff with sparklers in hand.  The event center was in full decoration and the lighting was just right.  The only remaining people were staff, the photographer and our couple.  The bride asked if I could play one more song before they left, so I chose a sweet soft song, dimmed the lights and started the song.  

Noticing the romantic nature of the surroundings, I quietly pulled the staff out of the venue and left this very sweet couple to dance a romantic dance to close out their very special day.  Their last dance allowed the two to deeply breathe in the entirety of this day without distraction or interruption.  Three minutes of alone time, together in the place they chose to commit to one another with all the lights, candles, aroma and decor.  

When the song ended, they dried their eyes and both said that is exactly what they needed to wrap up this very special day.  And with all the emotion and excitement rushing through them, they ran out the door and through the raised sparklers to the limo.  

After seeing how powerful that special moment was to those two, I encourage all my clients to consider a Romantic Last Dance.  One romantic last dance to wrap up the most precious day a couple can have.


Mark Truss

Gobo Entertainment



One thought on “A Romantic Last Dance

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